What the heck, now that it’s summer and Valaskjalf and I would have more time to translate these stories, KyuuTo has stopped updating??

They didn’t even announce anything on twitter. I really hope this is just a hiatus or something, because I’ve gotten quite attached to these characters. It would be sad if this was the end already.

*waits (im)patiently for updates*

April 2nd

Hitokui-chan, Happy Birthday!

What!? You made this cute cake for me?! Thank you~!

Best wishes that this year shall also be a wondrous one for you.



Hey, when’s your birthday Kyuuketsuki­-kun?

Why dost thou want to knoweth such unnecessary information?

Because we’re friends, stupid!

Well, birthdays are not so very significant.  Already I hath had 317 of them.

Of course they’re important! Birthdays are the day that your life begins.

…When beith your birthday, Hitokui­-chan?

I don’t know my real birthday, but I like to think of it as the day that we first met… April 2nd.

I see… When you put it like that, perchance birthdays are not completely superfluous … My birthday beith September 13th.

They were delicious~!

[the text in the background says “They were delicious~!”]

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